Who we are

EXPRESSAD - the pioneer in the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising media in Oman, aiming to create brand awareness while keeping the brand in front of the millions’ moving eyes and registering on the minds of prospective customers.

Defining the definite term OOH, EXPRESSAD creates various possibilities to reach the brands-benefits with innovative marketing strategies. It helps to achieve the goal of melting point in between the customers and clients, profit wise and location wise. You will find EXPRESSAD’S OOH media spread all over the horizon from towns, cities and remote interior of Oman touching the border of UAE.


The simple philosophy applied by EXPRESSAD “Together we... Building Trust… Building Business” made them to tie-up with prestigious & world renowned brands, International & local Banks, Corporate houses, Ad-Agencies at home and beyond the border throughout GCC.

The tailored media to suit brand’s equity range includes Megacom (backlit static boards), Mupis, Unipoles and street furniture like Transit Bus Shelter & Benches. EXPRESSAD not only sells the media but also as a responsible brand custodian monitors, evaluates and reap the fruitful results.