What we do

We simplify the complexity of managing brands. ExpressAD is relationship- structured to deliver seamless expertise at the regional and local levels. Our inter-office close relationship and multi-disciplinary way of working ensures a network that truly works and is unified by a single focus: building our client’s businesses.

Our simplified structure ensures top management involvement. Our management style is fast focused and effective. We promise management involvement for all regional and local accounts.As we believe in media-neutral communication and planning, we can make things happen fast. We create plans on a regional and local level after identifying how, where and when to spend for maximum return.

We create customized teams to service our clients. We organize ourselves around each client, creating a custom team that mirrors the client’s own organization regionally and locally.

We create new, more efficient ways to work. We have a portfolio of lnternet-based work-sharing and knowledge-sharing tools that we customize for each client. These systems can create a new productivity paradigm for communications around the region.