From the Desk of the Managing Director


‘In today’s worldwide eco-scenario & cutthroat market competition, to fulfill the consumer’s demands of shoe-string budgets yet arriving at optimum results through advertising, is becoming more and more challenging. To sustain in the Battle of Brands, simple yet smart marketing ideas are the necessity. Though the brand is built with a superb creative concept and it catches consumer’s mind for a while, it can be sustainable only when it is strongly registered in the consumer’s heart to win the loyalty of the product.

Keeping up with this simple concept, ExpressAD has come out with the universally appealing and smart idea of “Out- Of- Home” media- a constant reminder of your Ad Campaign at unthinkable yet eye-catching locations. The prospective consumer leaves the home, but the brand follows them through our O-O-H media, all over the horizon of Oman.

Recalling the Brand Identity of your Valuable product or service, reminding the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and pursuing the consumer to buy the product is effectively achieved by the O-O-H Media.

We are proud to be the Pioneer and Owner of the O-O-H media spreading from UAE border to the breadth and depth of Oman to serve you better and better.’