The Outdoor Advertising Expert

With ExpressAD, Outdoor advertising has come of age in the Sultanate. We offer a portfolio of custom-built settings at prime locations, even in the interiors, for maximum brand recall. Unlike other media, with OOH media you catch your audience when they are most receptive. Outdoor Advertising is virtually impossible to ignore.

Branding the unconscious
The more often someone sees your ad, the more likely that your name will pop into their mind, when they have a need for your type of business.Recall is driven by frequency, which is the number of times someone sees your ad. Billboards are an excellent medium available for continuous exposure.Recall, recall, recall, even if it’s the billboard burned into their unconscious mind; consequently, not even knowing how they know you, all that matters is that they do.

ExpressAD distributes Out-Of-Home media throughout Oman with national, regional and local coverage options for Out-Of-Home media suppliers distributing to advertising agencies, media buying services and advertisers. Some of the product lines offer customized targeting capabilities. Whether it is a small campaign covering one postal area or national coverage, we can help you reach your targeted audience.